Tuesday Tip: Remake Your Throw Aways


So I got this adorable little country snowman garland years ago and I’ve hung it above my kitchen sink.  When we redid our kitchen, we filled in the holes.  I didn’t want to put any new holes in the wall and I’ve gotten to where I don’t like to hang decorations up on my wall so I decided the snowman garland was going to have to go to the garage sale box even though it was so cute…

country snowman garland

BEFORE: continuous string of snowmen and hearts

…then I got to looking at it and the wheels started churning and I ended up repurposing the whole thing into snowman decorations for my shelf and decorations on packages.  I was so glad to still be able to use them and I know I would have been lucky to get $1 for them at a garage sale!

I used needle nose pliers to untwist the wire holding the hearts and snowman together and then to roll it back up.  Two of the snowman made it into my snowman scene downstairs.

country snowman garlandremake your throw aways

The other snowmen and hearts made it onto packages wrapped in plaid.

remake your throw aways

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