Thursday Leftovers: Wine Bottle Christmas Candlestick


Before you throw away that empty bottle of wine, why don’t you try out this DIY project that’s perfect for the holidays!  No one will believe you made it yourself!

floating cranberry candlestick

  • wine bottle
  • candle
  • water
  • cranberries
  • ribbon
  • cinnamon stick
  • berries & greenery
  • ornament
Game Plan:

1.  Clear wine bottle of all labeling.

2.  Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the wine bottle two times.

3.  Before tying, string an ornament onto the ribbon and then tie.

floating cranberry christmas decoration

4.  Finish tying the ribbon into a bow or I chose just to do one loop.

5.  Tuck a cinnamon stick, berries, and greenery in behind the ribbon.

floating cranberry candle decor

6.  Fill wine bottle 3/4 way full of water.

7.  Drop real cranberries into the bottle to create a thick layer.

8.  Stick a candle in the wine bottle opening.

floating cranberry candle holderfloating cranberry candlestickfloating cranberry candle holder

Check out how I repurposed a wine bottle into a fall chalkboard decoration and turned a wine glass into a floating cranberry tea light holder.

chalkboard wine bottle vasefloating cranberry candle centerpiece

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Have any other ideas on how to repurpose wine bottles?

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