Thursday Leftover: Kid’s Meal Toy Garland


I cannot take credit for this idea, because my mom did it years ago while I was growing up.  I have such fond memories peeking out at the toy garland and watching the lights dance across the toys.  I loved the toy garland so much that when I got my own house, I had to make one myself and wound up actually making three!

The toy garland is easy to make and it’s a great way to get rid of all those kid’s meal toys that are strewn about your house.  Kids of course love  this Christmas decoration, but adults do too because often they will see toys that will remind them of their childhood.  We continue to add to ours year after year.

The toy garland is not only easy to make, but it’s relatively cheap because all you really need is some greenery and ribbon to make bows, that is, if you already have some toys to put on it.  Remember, it’s okay if your garland isn’t completely full this year, you can continue to save toys throughout the year and then add to the garland more toys next Christmas.

Christmas garland for kids
  • greenery
  • floral wire
  • small toys
  • lights
  • ribbon/bows
Game Plan:

1. Straighten out garland and “fluff” it.

2. Attach lights to garland using floral wire every foot or so.

Weave the lights in and out of the garland to hide the wires and help it to stay.  We always use colored lights you can change the settings to because it makes it more fun.

3.  If you want ribbon to run the length of your garland, this is when I would attach it using floral wire.

We chose to just do ribbon bows on the stair posts instead of throughout the garland but I think both ways would look good.

4.  Attach toys to garland using floral wire.

Some toys may be tricky to attach to the garland because there is no good place to wrap the wire around.  Trial and error.

garland for kids

5.  Hang up your garland and admire it with awe!

garland for kids

toy garland kid's meal toys

Look at the concentration on that face!

garland for kidsChristmas garland for kidsChristmas garland for kids

Want a closer look at the photo wall going up the stairs?  Check out our black and white photo wall here.

What other ideas do you have for reusing all those Happy Meal toys?

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