Random Acts of Kindness: Treats for the Garbage Man


As my family continues to try to focus on giving this month, I was trying to think of people we encounter on a daily basis that may get overlooked or be in need.  Since I stay at home with my kids, I honestly don’t cross paths with a ton of people.  Luckily, I did realize that the garbage man visits us every week and my boys look forward to it every Friday morning.  There’s just something that is super cool about garbage trucks to little boys.

Although my boys are in awe of the garbage man and his job, I doubt the garbage man feels that same excitement when he goes into work every day.  Mailmen are often thought of and gifted to during the holidays (I would know because my dad is a mailman and I always loved seeing what kind of goodies he brought home each day), but to my knowledge, the garbage man is overlooked.

Since our garbage man visits us at the crack of dawn, I warmed up some muffins for him to hopefully help his day get off to a good start!  I wrapped them up and had them ready to go so when we heard the loud truck pull up, Rylan raced out and handed them to the garbage man and told him “Merry Christmas!”

Again, nothing extravagant, but just a simple way to show appreciation for the work he does for us.  Perhaps you can find time to get a little something together for your garbage man this Christmas.

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What other service people do you give to during the Christmas season?

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