Random Acts of Kindness: Donuts for Neighbors


random acts of kindness

We had a lot of fun delivering donuts to our neighbors last week.  I picked up two dozen donuts at Dixie Cream Donuts and at 7:20 AM Rylan and I went around to our neighbors’ houses delivering donuts.  I wasn’t sure what time would be best to go.  I was honestly afraid of waking people up and making them mad…which may have happened for all I know.

For those we did catch, they seemed pretty surprised but delighted for the early morning pick me up.  We caught a few neighbors as they were pulling out of their driveway which gave me the idea to next year stand by a stop sign in our neighborhood and that way we would avoid waking anyone up!  I will also add that we missed several neighbors at 7:15 because they were already gone for the day!  The garbage man had perfect timing though, and he got another treat this week!

random acts of kindness

Jeff’s co-workers got a treat too because he took the leftover donuts to work.

Oh, and if you’re planning on duplicating this random act of kindness in your neck of the woods, we also brought along napkins for them to grab the donuts with.  You could even take around hot chocolate too but that big of a production will have to wait for a few years until my kiddos are big enough to carry hot chocolate!

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