Random Acts of Kindness: Dessert for Strangers


How many of you order dessert at a restaurant? I would say, for the most part, most of us probably don’t order dessert unless it is a special occasion of some sort or we’re just craving it for some reason.  I know we rarely order dessert, mainly because I’m too cheap to spend $5-$7 on a dessert when I can buy a whole carton of ice cream for $3.50 at Wal-Mart that will last me a week or two.

How many of you would turn down a free dessert at a restaurant? I hope none of you would and if you said you would turn it down, well then, I’ll take yours!

Anyway, Jeff and I had the pleasure of going out to eat with each other at Longhorn this past week while our neighbors watched our kids.  It was so nice having a dinner with no interruptions and actually having someone wait on us for a change!  We decided it would be fun to buy dessert for someone that night.  When we ordered we just asked the waiter to pick one of the tables he was waiting on and ask them what dessert they wanted and then had him put it on our ticket.  He was sort of confused for awhile but then he understood what we meant.  It was fun involving someone else in the gift giving process.

dessert for strangers

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