Thursday Leftovers: Men’s Dress Shirt Pillow Tutorial


Before you toss out a men’s dress shirt or put it into a garage sale, check out this post on how you can turn it into a charming little pillow.  Redecorate your house or pass on the memory of a loved one with these special pillows.

pillow made from mens dress shirt

  • men’s button down dress shirt
  • hot glue gun
  • batting
  • pillow stuffing
  • sewing machine
Game Plan:

1. Cut the front and back of a men’s button-down dress shirt to the size you would like your pillow.

I chose to make an oblong pillow to fit snuggly in our bedroom reading chair.

what to make out of a mens dress shirt

Jeff's shirt BEFORE it was transformed into a pillow

make a pillow out of a dress shirt green

2.  Cut and sew batting to each of the three pieces.

Make sure to unbutton the front so you have two  smaller pieces to sew the batting to.  On the front side of the shirt with the button holes, I hand sewed the batting to the shirt on the side of the holes so the stitches wouldn’t show through.  The batting is to help the pillow not look lumpy.

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

cut batting to fit your pieces

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

What it looks like from the front after batting is sewed to it

3.  Button the shirt (front of your pillow) and then put the good sides of the shirts facing each other.

The batting sides should be on the outsides.

4.  Sew around all the sides of the pillow.

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

The inside stitch is the one for this step and the outside stitch is the one I did to attach my batting to the shirt

5.  Unbutton the shirt and then flip it right side out.

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

6.  Fill the pillow with plenty of stuffing and button it up as you fill it.

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

7.  Once it is full and buttoned, hot glue the seam down in the middle as an extra security to hold the stuffing in.

mens dress shirt pillow tutorial

8.  Find a resting place for your one-of-a-kind pillow!

diy button down shirt tutorial

make a pillow out of a dress shirt

diy dress shirt tutorial

These would make great gifts, especially if the shirt is of a passed loved one.  It would be a great way to remember someone who is loved.

What other repurpose ideas do you have?  Have any other suggestions of what to make pillows from?

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