Reese’s Cup Pilgrim Hats

I signed up to bring desserts for Rylan’s “feast” at pre-school and began the hunt for a cute Thanksgiving treat.  I decided on these hats because they were simple to make and super cute, plus Rylan was able to help me with some of it!

Of course, not everything goes as planned.  I opened up the cookies to make them the night before the party, only to find them all crumbled.  Jeff said he would pick a new package up after seeing the new James Bond movie with some friends.  Of course, he forgot to stop and I forgot to remind him to stop but he’s such a good husband and dad that as soon as he walked in the door and remembered that he forgot, he left to go to the store even though it was 10:00 at night.

Thank goodness these were quick to put together because Rylan and I ended up having to do it the morning of the party which is a challenge since I have to get three kiddos and myself ready and out the door at 8:40 AM!  Whew!

how to make pilgrim hat treats

  • Keebler Fudge Stripes (I used dark chocolate ones because they were all brown)
  • Miniature Reese’s Cups
  • Chocolate icing
Game Plan:

1.  Unwrap  a Reese’s Cup.

2. Put a smidgen of icing on the top of the Reese’s Cup and then turn it upside down onto a Fudge Stripe cookie that is turned upside down.

reese's cup pilgrim hats

reese's cup pilgrim hats

3. Use orange icing to “paint” a brim and buckle onto the hat.

how to make pilgrim hat treats

4.  Continue the process until all the cookies are done!

Ry was sure excited to take them to preschool which made all the hassle worth it!

What Thanksgiving treat do you like to make for your kids to take to school?

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