DIY Liquid Hand Soap


So I’ve been wanting to try out a lot of recipes for homemade cleaners to try to save money and this is the first one I started with because it doesn’t require many ingredients or steps.  I thought it was pretty easy, although I did give my husband the toughest job which was shaving the soap.

Would I do this again?  Yes.  My husband’s answer: No.  No surprise; I’m the saver and he’s the spender.  I find satisfaction in saving money even if it requires a bit of work and he’d much rather go and buy liquid hand soap.  I’m sure we’ll be doing a little of both in the future.  I do think you can save quite a bit of money but let’s face it, liquid hand soap isn’t super expensive so it’s not like you’re going to go on vacation with the money you’ve saved.

diy liquid hand soap

  • bars of soap
  • water
  • grater
Game Plan:

1.  Shave the bars of soap with a grater into a large saucepan.

how to make liquid hand soap

2. For every ounce of soap, you will need a cup of water (I recommend maybe 3/4 cup of water for every ounce of soap because ours was too runny).  Boil the water.

3. Once the water comes to a boil, turn off the burner and pour in the shaved soap.

4.  Stir the soap until it is melted.  Continuously stir until it is fully combined.

The mixture will be very liquidy at this point– that’s ok.

diy liquid hand soap

5.  Allow the soap mixture to set for at least 15 minutes then stir.

The mixture should be a tad bit thicker at this point.

6. Allow the soap mixture to continue to cool for another couple of hours or overnight.

7.  Stir the soap to check the thickness.

If it’s too liquidy, reheat and add shaved soap until you reach desired thickness.  If it’s too thick, reheat and add water until you reach desired thickness.

8.  Pour into dispensers.

All of these jars/bottles were filled from two bars of soap plus an additional one that didn’t make the picture.  I just stored them in these and then will use them to refill the dispensers I have throughout the house.

diy liquid hand soap

This would be the perfect way to make use of all those little bars of hotel soaps you probably have laying around in a drawer.

What kind of cleaner do you make homemade?

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