Monster Party Ideas

Having a Monster Birthday Party? We had a monster birthday party for my son Owen when he turned two and I’m sure you can find several ideas from the party to inspire you to create your own monster party.  This has been my favorite party we’ve put together so far.

monster party decorations

1. Send out invitations to introduce the theme of the party.

I made a 4×6 invitation on Photoshop and then printed them out as photos at Wal-Mart.

monster birthday invitation

2. Wrap presents to look like monsters

monster present wrapping

3. Have a couple of Monster Games & Activities for the kids to play.

monster birthday party games

4. Create the party menu with a Monster Food Theme

monster birthday party food ideas

5. Create a Monster Utensil Holder

duct tape monster birthday party idea

6.  What’s a birthday party without a cake?  Make one of these adorable Monster Cakes!

monster cakes

7.  Dress to match the occasion.  My boys already had monster shirts, but my little 4 month old girl didn’t, so I made her a Monster Onesie.

monster birthday party monster girl onesie

8. Make drink glasses into monsters using a permanent marker.

monster birthday drink glasses

Rylan & Cassidy

monster birthday drink glasses

Dusty & Stephanie with the monster glasses Ry picked out for them

9. Decorate the party place with monsters!

monster party decorations

Rylan enjoyed creating monsters out of his Trio blocks for the party.

decorations for a monster party

I added googley eyes to a car wash cloth/sponge to make a monster

decorations for a monster party

I also added googley eyes to play balls to make monsters.

10.  Welcome guests to the party with chalk decorations.

sidewalk chalk monsters

11.  By the end of the party, you may find that everyone has gone a little crazy and turned into monsters!

monster birthday party decorationsmonster party decorations
monster party decorations
monster birthday party decorations

monster birthday party decorations

Our crazy party of 5!

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