Another Vintage Gift Wrap

I headed to Iowa several months ago for my husband’s cousin’s wedding shower.  Anyway, I got a little crafty when it came time to wrap her gift and I thought I would share it with you in case you were needing some new ideas for packages.

I went with a vintage theme since that’s what her wedding is going to be a bit like.

  • lace
  • brown packaging paper
  • thin pink ribbon
  • thick brown ribbon
  • tape
  • scissors
Game Plan:

1. Wrap present in brown packaging paper.

I love the look of this stuff but it is pretty hard to work with and tape doesn’t stick very well to it.  By the time I got to Iowa, the package had came undone and I had to redo it all.

2.  Wrap lace around one end of package and tape.

3.  Wrap thick brown ribbon around lace and package, tape.

4. Wrap thin pink ribbon on top of thick brown ribbon, tape.

5.  Tie a bow using the thick brown ribbon around the thin pink ribbon.  Cut ends on an angle.

lace for wrapping presentsvintage gift wraplace for wrapping presentsvintage gift wrap

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