Wedding Vows on Canvas

My friend Teah asked me several months back how I would get wedding vows onto a canvas so I shared a couple of ways and her question prompted me to put our own wedding vows onto canvas.  Thank you Teah 🙂

I really enjoyed going back and looking at our vows we wrote to each other.  They’re kind of funny in a way because I knew marriage was going to be great and hard but you don’t really know how great and how hard until you’re actually married for awhile.  Anyway, it was a great reminder of what things I need to work on and now I can be reminded of our promises to each other every time I go downstairs.

I used Photoshop to type up our vows and make it look the way I wanted.  Then I saved it as a .jpg file.  I ordered my canvas from and used a 20% off and free shipping code.  You can order your canvas from anywhere and use any kind of program to create your vows, just make sure to save it as a .jpg file.

showcase your wedding vowswedding vows on canvas

wedding vows on canvaswedding vows on canvas

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