Tuesday Tip: Freeze Fruit for Summer Snack


Have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? I would guess that most of you don’t, but if you have kids like mine, they go through periods of not liking certain fruits.  For instance, both of my boys have gone through periods of not liking grapes.  However, if I just pop them in the freezer and let them get hard, they love them!  Weird.

I love freezing fruit for several reasons:

  • sometimes solves the problem of picky eaters
  • a nice alternative to a popsicle for a cool summer snack
  • fruit doesn’t spoil and therefore is not wasted

If I have grapes that are starting to get squishy, then I hurry up and wash them, pull them off the stems, place them in a freezer bag, and throw them in the freezer.  It’s so nice to have a healthy snack on hand that requires no preparation.  Besides grapes, my boys love frozen blueberries.

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