Thursday Leftovers: Use Dark Shades & Curtains to Promote Healthy Sleep


I love summertime because there is so much to do and it seems like so much time to do it since it stays light out for so long. It’s so easy to get carried away playing at the park or talking with neighbors that we sometimes have to skip on giving our kiddos baths at night because it’s already bedtime.
As much as I love having longer days in the summer, I definitely don’t like putting my kiddos to bed in the summer because it is still light outside at their bedtime and so they think it is still time to play! One way to alleviate your kids laying awake in a light room for hours is to make the room dark with shades.
If we’ve done anything right as parents, one of them would be replacing the blinds in our babies’ rooms with room darkening shades. The idea came to us while reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child which is a book we live by. The book suggests making kid’s rooms dark so we replaced their blinds with shades.
The shades not only make the room dark, but they’re also a lot safer for little ones because there are no strangulation hazards.
One mistake we made was getting a cheap white one for Owen’s room. It was still pretty light in his room because he not only had a thin white shade, but he also had white sheer curtains. So instead of replacing a perfectly working shade, we decided to purchase new curtains to replace the sheers that came with the house.
The result was magnificent! I settled on some thick dark blue curtains with a stitched crisscross pattern to add a little interest. I got Owen’s curtains at Wal-Mart but didn’t have any luck finding them on their website to show you. For just $20 total we got a dark room for little Owen to snooze away in and a much richer-feeling room. We should’ve made this cheap update a long time ago!

use dark shades to promote healthy sleep

BEFORE: White sheer curtains were not getting the job done

use dark shades to promote healthy sleep

AFTER: Dark blue curtains create a richer look and promote healthy sleep

What other sleep tips do you have?

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