Thursday Leftovers: Chalkboard Wedding Signs


Want your wedding to be special and different from everyone else’s? Of course you do!  You want the day to be absolutely perfect and I want the same for you!  Here’s a simple way to add form to function: make chalkboards to add some charm to your wedding decor while also directing your guests to the appropriate places or letting them in on some important information.

  • hardboard (the big piece we cut into three small pieces cost me only $5)
  • chalkboard paint (had on hand)
  • primer (had on hand)
  • blue acrylic paint (had on hand)
  • roller and paint brushes
Game Plan:

1. Cut hardboard to appropriate sizes if needed.

DIY chalkboards

2. Prime the smooth surface of the hardboard and edges.  Let dry.

diy chalkboards wedding signs

Prime hardboard and let dry

diy chalkboards

3. Cover entire primed hardboard with chalkboard paint, including the edges.  Let dry.

DIY chalkboards wedding signs brady lou project guru

diy chalkboards wedding signs

Cover entire primed surface with chalkboard paint

4.  Put a second layer of chalkboard paint on.  Let dry.

Follow the can’s directions for drying time and usage time.  They usually have instructions on how to break the chalkboard in before using it, like rubbing chalk on its side all over the surface and then wiping it clean.

5.  Paint a border or design with acrylic paint, complimenting the wedding theme and colors.  Let dry.

I used a ruler and pencil to draw guidelines for my painting.  I didn’t want it to be “perfect” so I free handed the lines and text instead of taping it off and using stencils.  Tip: to make small dots, dip the end of a paintbrush into paint.  Also, I couldn’t get the pencil to erase all the way so use one sparingly.

DIY chalkboards wedding signs brady lou project guru

DIY chalkboards wedding signs brady lou project guru

I used cobalt blue acrylic paint to make a border for the chalkboard

DIY chalkboards wedding signs brady lou project guru

DIY chalkboards wedding signs brady lou project guru

Use the end of your paintbrush to make uniform dots

6.  Using chalk, write a message on the chalkboard.

wedding chalkboard signs how to

chalkboard wedding tutorial

What I love about this project is that it is so versatile.  You can use chalkboards:

  • outside to direct guests to the appropriate venue
  • place them at the guestbook, bar, and gift table for identification
  • use one in place of a guestbook
  • have one at the reception for people to write advice or messages to the newlyweds on
  • make small ones to place at each table with a love quote written on it
  • use them as reserved signs or for the head table or family seating
  • place on the food table for labeling

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What other creative ways have you seen signage at a wedding?

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