Organize Shoes up High

After all the work we’ve done in our closet by installing shelving and maximizing our closet space with pegs, I was wondering if there was any more space I could use to organize our clothes and accessories.  The only space left untouched was an area towards that ceiling that juts out.

I had run out of space for shoes and had a couple of pairs that weren’t fitting anywhere and so I thought up this quick and easy solution.  I love it because they are up and out of the way and let’s face it, I’m not a heels kind of girl so they don’t make it down much.

As much as I think heels are sexy and slimming, I just can’t seem to do it.  One, they make my feet hurt; two, I almost fall down every time I wear them; and three, I can’t chase kiddos in them.  I am in awe of you women who somehow manage to make walking in heels seem like you’re walking in tennis shoes.  What’s your secret?

  • large screw-in hooks
  • a dowel rod
Game Plan:

1. Measure the length of your dowel rod and figure out where your hooks need to go.

If your dowel rod is really long, you’ll want to place hooks in the middle of the dowel rod.  Make sure to use a level to get your rod to hang straight.

2.  Screw in the hooks with your hand.

3.  Hang the dowel rod on the hooks.

4.  Hang your heeled shoes on the dowel rod.

Not all of my heeled shoes worked for this, but I did find five that would work which was perfect because that is the most I could fit up there anyway.

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