Monster Birthday Party Games & Activities

We recently had a monster birthday party for my son, Owen, who turned two.  All of the kids attending the party are preschool age children and younger so I tried to come up with a few activities I thought that age of kids would enjoy.

The three activities I decided on were decorating sugar cookies to look like monsters, making monsters with play dough and other crafting supplies, and feeding the hungry jar monster with balls.  It was pretty simple to put them all together and I thought they all turned out great!

The first activity was decorating the sugar cookies with icing and candy to create monsters.  The candy I laid out was: Reese’s Pieces, Twizzlers Pull N’ Peel pulled apart and cut up, Skittles, candy corn, watermelon slices, and Mike and Ikes.  I’m sure it’s no surprise that this was a big hit with all of the kids.

monster birthday party games

The cookies, icing, and candy were all lined up for the kids to decorate with

monster birthday party games

I made our neighbor boys decorate some cookies too!

monster birthday party games monster birthday party games

The second activity was making monsters out of play dough and craft supplies.  I decided to put together little bags for each kid.  In each sandwich bag I put a small can of play dough, different lengths and colors of pipe cleaners, googley eyes, and beads.  The kids could either make theirs at the party or take it home to make later.  We also included some monster stickers in the bag that the kids could take home with them too.

monster birthday party games

Create-A-Monster Bags

monster birthday party games

Owen, Cassidy, and Rylan working on their monsters

monster birthday party games

Owen surprisingly really got into making his monster

monster birthday party games

Cassidy showing off her monster

monster birthday party games

Rylan didn't want to pose with his monster

The last and final activity was to feed the hungry monster.  I made the monster out of one of those huge canisters of Cheese Balls that Sams sells.  I cleaned out the canister, and then using an exacto knife, I cute teeth all the way around the lid and punched out the center.  Then I put a sign on the front of the jar that said “FEED ME.”  Next I added eyes to the monster by taping card stock to pipe cleaners and then poking them through tiny holes in the plastic jar.  Lastly, I added arms and hands I created out of scrap scrapbook paper.  I thought he turned out pretty good and the best part was he was FREE!

So, the object of the game was to feed the monster balls by dropping them into his mouth.  I know, seems pretty simple and kinda dumb, but you wouldn’t believe how much they got into it and giggled when it was time to start!  Oh, what kids find to be fun!  I’m glad it worked this time though 🙂

monster birthday party games

monster birthday party gamesmonster birthday party games

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