DIY Monster Utensil Holder


Here’s a fun way to repurpose a tissue box or plastic sandwich bag box and add some decorations to your monster birthday party theme.  I used my monsters to hold the forks and some tubes of icing.

duct tape monster birthday party idea

  • empty tissue box or sandwich bag box
  • duct tape
  • cardstock
  • marker
  • scissors
Game Plan:

1. Cover box with duct tape.

The closest thing I had on hand to matching my color scheme was this bright orange.  They have such a selection now of Duct tape that you could make a really cool one!

duct tape monsterduct tape monsterduct tape monster

2. Cut out eyes and teeth from card stock and tape to monster.

diy monster utensil holder monster birthday party ideas

3. Using a marker, draw in the pupils of the eyes.

The sandwich bag monster’s mouth wasn’t big enough to get the forks in so I had to make another one out of a tissue box.

duct tape monster birthday party ideaduct tape monster birthday party ideaduct tape monster birthday party idea

monster birthday party ideas

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