DIY Monster Onesie


monster birthday party girl monster shirt

I love creating themed birthday parties and about a year ago I decided I wanted to do a monster theme for Owen’s second birthday.  In addition to making the decorations and cake all go with the theme, I usually try to make all of our outfits go with the theme or color scheme.

Lucky for me, the boys already happened to have monster shirts which made it really easy for planning out their outfits.  I wasn’t going to go buy a new outfit for Emden just for a birthday party, but thought I would try making my own monster onesie using a plain white one we already had and some felt and buttons I also already had.

It turned out great except for the fact the onesie was already too big for her and the monster was also a bit big for her too.  Oh well, it will look great on her in a couple of months and seeing how hot it has been this summer, it will probably still be warm enough for her to wear it!

I apologize for not having step by step pictures, I was rushing to make the onesie before we left for church and didn’t have time to snap away at each step.

  • onesie
  • felt
  • scissors
  • buttons
  • needle and thread
  • hot glue gun
Game Plan:

1.  Design a monster and cut out felt pieces to create it.

2.  Sew buttons to the white felt for eyes.

3.  I hand stitched a heart onto the monter’s tummy and a mouth onto the face.

4.  Hot glue pieces to onesie and on top of each other where needed.

You can also sew the pieces on but I thought glueing would be easier and I didn’t trust my ability to keep everything straight on the sewing machine.

5.  Create a name for your monster and cut out felt letters to spell it.

6.  Glue the letters to the onesie.

monster birthday party monster girl onesie

monster birthday party girl monster onesie

monster birthday party diy monster girl onesie

Here are the boys in their monster shirts (Rylan-Silly & Owen- Hungry):

monster birthday party

Stay tuned for more monster madness next week!

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