Bedroom Renovation: New Large Canvas

Our bedroom renovation is on a very slow track and I’m okay with that.  There are still several small updates to be made, but one recent was taking down some wooden stars that are a bit too country for the room and replacing it with a new large canvas of our family minus little Em.

I know, I’m a bad mom for not including her, but I had planned on doing this canvas long before she was born and I still wanted it because the colors in our outfits somewhat match our bedroom.  Yes, I’m that anal!

Oh, and I ordered the canvas off of  I waited to get a free shipping and 20% off code.  Just sign up on their e-mail list to get deals sent to you.  They are by far the cheapest way to do canvas prints.

canvas print from artscow

canvas from artscow

large canvas print from artscow
canvas print from artscow

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