Baby Girl Dress made from Alteration Scraps


Last month I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my good friend Izzy’s wedding.  There was a bit of a hiccup when the bridesmaid dresses came in because they all were super long which meant alterations were in order.  I had the seamstress save the scraps from my dress because, well…I just knew I would be able to do something with them!

As soon as I got home from picking up my altered dress and scraps, the wheels in my head started to turn and I got a wild hair to make a dress out of the scraps for Emden to wear to the wedding.  I just kind of winged it and although it turned out pretty cute, the construction was pretty awful.

It was so awful that to get the dress on her, you had to take her diaper off!  Oops!  Since I would change so many things about the project, I’m not going to actually tell you how to do it, but will just show some pictures of the process to perhaps inspire you to try something even if you don’t know what you’re doing!

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Sew the two layers of fabric together and then pull on the thread to create ruffles

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Pin skirt to onesie

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Sew skirt and banding onto onesie

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Sew flower onto banding and onesie

repurpose bridesmaid dress

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Using a sewing machine, sew branches onto top of onesie

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Sew flowers onto the ends of branches

baby girl dress made from alteration scraps
repurpose bridesmaid dress

repurpose bridemaid dressrepurpose bridesmaid dressbaby girl dress made from alteration scrapsrepurpose bridesmaid dressbaby girl dress made from alteration scraps

repurpose bridesmaid dress

My handsome groom of 8 years and little Em

repurpose bridesmaid dress

Me and the beautiful bride!

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