Tuesday Tip: How to Avoid a Marshmallow Mess!

melted bag of marshmallows

So this is a funny tip and a no brainer.  Probably all of you know this already but my husband and I could’ve used this tip a week ago: Do not buy a bag of marshmallows on your lunch break if you plan on leaving them in a 117 degree car until you come home at 5:00.  Oops!

Somehow Jeff and I overlooked this truth when I made the list and then again when he bought them.  I am going to blame my stupidity on the fact I’m still getting up twice in the night to feed Emden.  That’s got to have an effect on my brain functioning less and less like it used to!

If for some reason you have a brain fart like I did though, don’t fret, you can use them to make Rice Krispie treats.  It’s a little difficult to get the one giant sticky marshmallow out of the bag, but it still managed to work for us and then we didn’t have to waste a whole bag of marshmallows.

melted bag of marshmallows

When life hands you a bag of melted marshmallows, make Rice Krispie treats!

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