Thursday Leftovers: No More Drink Box Spills


Have experience cleaning up messes from a drink box being squeezed and squirting everywhere but into your child’s mouth?  If you have kids, grandkids, or babysit little ones I’m sure you have.  Drink boxes are great because they’re fun and portable, but I must say they are also poorly designed because kids are anything but gentle and careful…no matter how many times you remind them.

No worries now though.  To solve this rather annoying problem, just flip up the tabs on the juice box and teach your kiddo to grab them instead of the box.  My 3 year old Rylan caught on right away so no more spills for me!  Yeah!  Give it a try!

juice box drinking tips

Undo the flaps on the juice box to create handles for your kids to hold onto

kid drinking juice box holding onto flaps

kid drinking juice box

Rylan calls the flaps "ears"

How did this tip work out for you?

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