Spray Paint Ceiling Fan Tutorial

I think I’ve mentioned before how our house is decked out in gold fixtures– definitely not our style.  Thus, we’ve been slowly changing out our gold fixtures for satin nickel ones.  It is a very slow process!

Anyway, we were getting ready to put in wood floors in our kitchen and living room and I remembered we still had our outdated gold ceiling fan which I had been wanting to spray paint.  I wanted to do it before we put in the wood floor so if paint happened to get anywhere on the carpet it wouldn’t matter since we would be tearing it out anyway.

Why spray paint?  Well, it is really high up and it would be difficult for Jeff to change it out because I wouldn’t be able to help him hold it up.

All of our other ceiling fans we’ve just replaced with new ones but this one I wanted to try to spray paint and save a little work and money.  Well, we definitely saved money but it probably took just as much work but on the plus side there was no heavy lifting!

  • satin nickel spray paint
  • new globes
  • cardboard
Game Plan:

1.  Clean ceiling fan.

diy how to update your ceiling fan with spray paint

2.  Take apart ceiling fan so you can easily spray all of its parts.

I removed the blades and the arms holding the blades.

3.  Spray paint parts outside and let dry.

I also spray painted the screws that would be seen.

4.  Cut a slit and hole in cardboard and then place on top of the fan so spray paint won’t go everywhere.

Here’s what my setup looked like below…

spray paint ceiling fan

5.  Spray paint the fan.

6.  Reassemble the fan and screw in place the new globes.

diy how to update your ceiling fan with spray paint

diy how to update your ceiling fan with spray paint


spray paint ceiling fan


I am so pleased with this project and so glad to have it off my list!  The old fan light had been bothering me for years!

Check back to see the new wood floors next week!

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