New Area Rug

I have been looking for a new area rug for many nights.  It is how I’ve kept myself busy when I’m feeding Emden at night.  Nevertheless, I didn’t find anything that just screamed “Buy me!”  Jeff got the majority of our wood floors installed and I still hadn’t found a rug to soften up the area.

We decided to head to Lowe’s because earlier I had seen several I liked.  Upon going back, I fell in love with this rug.  I love the neutral colors, the modern design, and the softness!  It had everything I was looking for so we snatched it up and here it is for you to see!  You also get a sneak peek at our wood floors too!  I’ll be posting pics of the wood floor once all the trim and everything gets back in place!

brady lou project guru circle area rug

circle plush modern brown area rug

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