Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Cake


I was helping throw a shower for a friend of mine who is a Disney fanatic.  I decided to do a simplistic Minnie Mouse cake to celebrate.   I went with a purple bow instead of the traditional pink bow because they were doing the baby’s room in purple.

minnie mouse purple fondant cake

  • rolling pin
  • can of cream cheese icing
Game Plan:

1. Bake two circle cakes and freeze

2. Assemble cake and cover with a layer of white fondant

3. Color a small chunk of fondant purple .

4. Roll out the purple fondant and cut a wavy strip long enough to go around the bottom of your cake using the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser.

I have to say, I really like this tool and it made making a border a breeze!  I highly recommend buying one if you’re going to be making cakes, even if you just decorate one every year for your kiddos’ birthdays.  Soooo much easier and kinda fun too!  It gives you lots of options for border styles and widths.  You can get the Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser Set on Amazon.com for not much.  Plus, shipping is free if you order over $25 worth of stuff or if you have prime shipping.

If you don’t have a Wilton Fondant Ribbon Cutter Embosser, you could just use a yard stick and pizza cutter to make your border.

5.  Attach the border to the bottom of the cake by wetting the backside of it lightly with water on your fingertips and then pressing it gently to the fondant covered cake.

It’s easier to do this with two people so get some help!

minnie mouse baby shower cake

6.  Roll out the remaining purple fondant to make a bow for Minnie Mouse.

7.  Find a bow on Google images and print it off and cut it out.

8.  Lay the bow on top of the purple fondant and use a knife to cut it out.

minnie mouse baby shower cake

9.  Use a knife to make creases and details on the bow.

minnie mouse baby shower cake

10.  Push large candy sprinkles into the bow to make polka dots or pipe cream cheese frosting dots onto the bow.

minnie mouse baby shower cake

11.  Color a small chunk of fondant black.

12.  Roll out the black fondant.

13.  Print off Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears the size of your cake and cut them out.

14.  Lay the Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears on top of the fondant and use a knife to cut around it.

15.  Wet the back of the black fondant Minnie Mouse ears and then lay in the center of the cake.

16.  Wet the back of the fondant bow and then lay on top of the cake.

minnie mouse purple fondant cake

minnie mouse baby shower cakeminnie mouse baby shower cakeminnie mouse baby shower cake

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