Kitchen Renovation: New Wood Floors


kitchen renovation new wood floors
Pretty much when we moved in, our carpet needed to be replaced but that costs a pretty penny and well, something else always seemed to pop up.  Luckily, we were able to overlook the stains for seven years until we saved up enough money to buy hardwood floors.

I took the kids away for the weekend.  Owen stayed at my mom’s and I took Rylan and Emden with my mother-in-law to Iowa.  We are so glad it worked out for all of us to be gone while he installed the hardwood floor otherwise we’d still be trying to complete the project.

Friday night Jeff tore everything up with the help of several of our friends.  The next day he woke up early and started work on it.  His dad came up to help him for the day.  He didn’t end until late that evening and got about 1/3 of the way done.  The next day he did the same thing, this time all on his own and then he ended up having to take work off on Monday to finish installing most of it.

When we all got home late Monday afternoon, there were still boards that had to be laid and installed.  It took two more weeks before all the boards were cut, laid, and nailed down and the trim was up.  I’m so glad this project is done!  I absolutely LOVE the new wood flooring!

Based on several people’s advice we went with engineered hardwood instead of solid hardwood and we ordered ours through lumber liquidators.  We got a hand scraped dark hardwood.

how to install wood floors

BEFORE- solid hardwood in entryway, carpet in living room, and wood laminate in kitchen

installing engineered wood floors
how to install new wood floors

installing engineered wood floorskitchen renovation new wood floors

how to install engineered wood floors


how to install wood flooring


kitchen renovation new wood floors

kitchen remodel rugs


install wood floors


install wood floors

In case you missed it, here are the changes we’ve made so far on our kitchen renovation:

What we have left to do:

  • make and install curtains
  • build casing around windows
  • new table (build or buy)
  • install corner shelves

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