Kitchen Renovation: New Rugs

Sometimes changes are small and easy to make.  This change only required us to do a bit of shopping around and then purchasing a couple of rugs to replace the red ones that looked a little out of place after the red walls were painted tan.

Here is what we had before:

new rugs

Old Rugs

Here are the new rugs we found at Target:

They don’t look that great on our light-colored laminate floor but we are hoping to put down dark stained hardwood towards the end of June.  The new rugs should really stand out on a dark floor!

kitchen remodel rugs

kitchen makeover remodel

These go so well with the new countertop and tile!

In case you missed it, here are the changes we’ve made so far on our kitchen renovation:

What we have left to do:

  • Make and install curtains
  • Build casing around windows
  • new table (build or buy)
  • install wood flooring
  • install corner shelves

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