Hope Chest Makeover


Slowly but surely I’m getting to some projects I’ve been wanting to do awhile.  This hope chest was given to me from my parents in high school and it harbors all our special mementos.  It’s a very nice chest but it didn’t match our bedroom furniture and that has bothered me for years.  I just recently was able to get around to giving it a makeover because we had moved it out of our room to fit Emden’s pack-n-play in temporarily after she was born.

I completed the project in a day and had it moved back in place the next day after the paint had dried completely.  I love that it coordinates with our existing bedroom furniture and that it no longer has the old style of handles but updated modern ones now.

how to paint wood furniture

Hope Chest BEFORE

  • primer
  • paint
  • new hardware (Menards is where we found ours)
  • painter’s tape and paint rollers
Game Plan:

1.  Dust off the dresser.

2.  Tape off cushion with painter’s tape.

3.  Paint a coat of primer.

4.  Paint a couple coats of white paint and let dry.

5.  Put on new hardware.

hope chest makeover

hope chest makeoverhope chest makeover

how to paint furniture white

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