DIY Toy Boxes


If you have kids, you understand the never-ending job of picking up toys.  I feel like I spend most of my day picking up Legos, cars, and superheroes.  I can’t stand to have them all disorganized and was in the need of a few containers to store some new toys.

I found some plain boxes at Hobby Lobby for half off and then spruced them up a bit!  This was a pretty easy project to do!

how to mod podge a toy box

  • paper mache box
  • paint
  • Mod Podge
  • scrapbook paper
Game Plan:

1. Paint the box a color of your preference and let dry.

I used the same paint I painted the stripes with when I made over our bookshelf.

mod podge cardboard boxesmod podge cardboard boxes

2. Cut scrapbook paper to fit the front side of the box.

3.  Use Mod Podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the front side of the box and let dry.

4.  Cover the front of the scrapbook paper with Mod Podge to seal it and let dry.

5.  Fill the box with toys!

how to mod podge a toy box

diy toy boxes
how to mod podge a toy boxdiy toy boxes

2 comments to DIY Toy Boxes

  • Caroline

    Brady, I’m just now seeing this post and I love it! Where do you find these paper mache boxes…I mean, in what section/area of Hobby Lobby?? And can you tell me an approx. price per box? Do the boxes come in various sizes??

    • Brady

      Caroline, they are next to the wood and glass section in the Columbia Hobby Lobby, kind of back by the scrapbooking section. I don’t remember the price because there are several different sizes but they weren’t much. I waited for them to be 50% off and with that discount I don’t think I spent over $2 on the biggest ones.

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