DIY Green Lantern Cape

First off, yes, I do know that Green Lantern doesn’t actually wear a cape.  With two boys of my own and being married to a guy who is still very into superheroes, let’s just say I could probably pass a superhero test without even studying.

Nevertheless, when I got my hands on some bright green satin fabric I just couldn’t help myself and HAD to make a Green Lantern cape.  It was the perfect color and I knew the boys would have fun dressing up as Green Lantern.  Plus, Green Lantern is my father-in-law’s favorite superhero yet we don’t have but one Green Lantern toy.

  • slick material such as satin
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • velcro or snap closures
  • felt
Game Plan:

1.  Cut out your superhero cape.

I had an existing superhero cape already so I just traced around it.

2.  Cut out two layers of the cape.

3.  Create a Green Lantern symbol template.

I went to Google and typed in “Green Lantern Symbol,” looked under images, printed it off, and then cut it out.

4. Use the template you created, to cut the Green Lantern Symbol out of white felt.

how to make a superhero cape

5.  Using white thread, stitch the Green Lantern Symbol onto the right side of one of the pieces of satin.

6.  Put the right sides of the satin cape pieces together and stitch around the outside, leaving a couple inch gap to pull the fabric through to get it right side out.

7.  After your cape is right side out, hand sew the gap closed.

8.  Sew velcro onto the cape around the neck area.

My father-in-law was such a sport and put on the cape for his grandkids to see; of course, my husband made sure to grab a picture of it with his phone!  I may need to make one that is his size that he can take home!

diy how to make a super hero cape

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