Tuesday Tip: Take Your Kids Out for a Date


Now that Jeff and I have three little ones creating chaos at our house, we seem to get irritated with each other or the kids just a little bit quicker than we used to.  It’s a sad but true reality that we try really hard to fight.

As a stay at home mom of three, my attention is constantly being divided.  As the day wears on, the kids usually get less and less cute since I spend most of the day playing 3 on 1 which often gets a bit tiring.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and am so blessed to be able to spend all day with my kids but raising little ones is a tough stage in life!

Since Emden was born, we have made it a priority to take our two boys on date nights.  What a difference it makes to just have one kid to give your attention to!  I can’t believe I ever thought having just one kid was a handful!

It is so refreshing to spend the day/evening with one of my boys.  I am able to enjoy his personality and it turns out I am lucky to have some pretty funny boys– I wish I was more aware of that when I have all three of them together!

Jeff and I flipflop taking the boys on dates.  For example, this month I’m taking Owen on a date and Jeff is taking Rylan on one.  It really doesn’t have to be anything big, your kid will just love getting to have you all to himself!

Below are some pictures from Rylan and I’s date last month.  We just went to the Dollar Store and he got to pick out a toy for himself, Owen, and Emden.  Then we went to Culver’s and got ice cream.  I let him pick whatever he wanted to get.  He had a blast and so did I!  It was a wonderful bonding time!

parenting tips

He choose sprinkles and M&Ms for his toppings!

parenting tips

Yes, he did eat all of it!

parenting tips

Do you take your kids out on dates?  What’s the best date you’ve had so far with one of your kids?

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