Tuesday Tip: Put Water Damaged Cellphone in a Bowl of Rice


So you know it’s a bad day when your kids drops your cell phone in the toilet or you spill a glass of water on it.

We had a similar cell phone accident happen when my mother-in-law stayed with us a couple months ago.  While my mother-in-law was watching our three kids and letting Jeff and I have some time together running errands, Emden decided to reward her with a diaper blowout that not only spilled out onto her own clothes, but also my mother-inlaws.

This resulted in an impromptu cleaning session and load of laundry.  With all the craziness that surrounds a diaper blowout, my mother-in-law forgot to grab her cellphone out of her soiled pants and thus gave it a good cleaning along with all of the stinky clothes.

Of course, the moment of realization came a bit too late and I had no words of encouragement for her.  However, when my husband the techno expert got home, he gave her a glimpse of hope with this tip: put your cell phone in a bowl of rice.

“What?” I remarked.  “A bowl of rice?”  Being the jokester that my husband is, I thought he was just kidding, but no, he was totally serious and of course once I knew he was serious we did what he said because he’s the smartest geek I know!

Anyway, if your cell phone becomes water damaged, here’s what you want to do to try to save it:

1.  Don’t turn it on.

2.  Remove the battery.

This is for obvious reasons, electricity and water don’t mix well together.

3. Take out your SIM card and dry it off with a towel.

4. Remove any covers to open up as many slots as possible.

5. Wipe off as much water as possible with a towel or paper towel.

6. Use a vacuum to try to suck out any water.

7. Put the phone in a bowl of rice overnight to try to draw the moisture out.

8.  Put the phone on an absorbent towel.

9.  If it has been 24 hours since it has been water damaged, put the battery in and try turning your phone on.

If the phone was submerged for under 20 seconds, most likely you’ll be able to save it from being ruined.  If it was submerged in water for a long period of time, such as a washing machine, it will be harder to restore but it is worth a shot.

The rice tip allowed my mother-in-law to be able to make calls, but unfortunately no one could hear her when she did so she ended up having to get a new phone but it was worth a shot!

Has your phone ever been water damaged?  How did it happen?  Were you able to get it to work again?

2 comments to Tuesday Tip: Put Water Damaged Cellphone in a Bowl of Rice

  • Belen

    It´s a wonderful idea. Now to know this it´s a little too late for me since I had this situation the lasta year with de Antonio´s cell telephone. It felt in the pileup where my dog drinks water. Ha,ha,ha. Poor Antonio!!
    I love your site

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