Thursday Leftovers: Create a Budget Series


Last year  I did a week long series on creating a budget and sticking to it.  Jeff and I are still using the same budget system today.

how to create a budget savings

Being on a budget has been life changing for us.  It has almost eliminated financial arguments; freed us to spend money how we want to; and allowed us to save for an emergency fund, car, and big house projects.

A lot of people think of a budget as being super restrictive but we like to look at it as simply telling your money where to go– you get to decide.  We are Dave Ramsey fans so most of what we do evolves from his principles.

Here is the series of posts on budgeting in case you missed them last year:

Budget Makeover: Introduction

Budget Makeover: Organizing Bills

Budget Makeover: Monthly Expenses

Budget Makeover: Start an Emergency Fund

Budget Makeover: Save for Big Items Year Round

Budget Makeover: Keep Track of Budget using an Excel Spreadsheet

Budget Makeover: Savings

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