Kitchen Renovation: New Tile Backsplash


I have to say that our new tile backsplash is definitely my favorite part of the kitchen renovation.  It completely transforms the room and makes such a statement.  All of our appliances look so much better with the glass tile as a backsplash.

We found this mosaic 1 inch square glass tile at Lowes and bought the last of it– luckily we measured correctly and had enough!  It gives the kitchen a contemporary look and really pops next to the white cabinets and blends so well with the new countertops.

This project from beginning to end took several days.  Jeff removed all of the old tile over the process of two nights.  Jeff and I worked together on cutting and hanging the tile all in one day.  After it dried 24 hours, we grouted the tile.  Jeff spread it on and I wiped it clean with a damp sponge.  After a couple hours, Jeff stayed up late to get the remaining grout off with a cheesecloth.  Next, Jeff had to caulk the edges.

Three days later we had to seal the grout which was not a fun project at all.  Because it was glass tile, we couldn’t rub the sealant over all the tile or it would leave a haze.  Instead, we had to use tiny paint brushes and paint the sealant on all the grout lines!  Needless to say, we spread this out over several nights– ugh!

installing 1 inch glass tile

We first had to take down the old tile & patch the hold behind the oven

how to tile a kitchen backsplash

Take off old tile BEFORE installing new countertops

remove old tiles before installing countertop

Rylan got in on the tile demolition

kitchen renovation new tile backsplash

Jeff used painters tape on the new countertop to make a smooth grout line

install glass mosaic tile

New tile up and waiting for it to dry before grouting

mosaic brown tile backsplash


mosaic tile backsplash

brown mosaic tile backsplash

brown mosaic tile backsplash

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