Kitchen Renovation: New Sink & Faucet


I know a new sink and faucet doesn’t seem to exciting, but let me tell you, it was for us!

We of course had the standard builder grade sink and faucet in our kitchen which is reason enough for us to upgrade.  On top of that though, for the past five months our faucet has been broken and required you to practically slam it to get it to shut off.  I had gotten so used to doing it I was almost in shock when I realized it had been broken for so long.

It was such a nuisance and I was reminded of that every time someone came over and used our sink then started to fret because they couldn’t get the water to turn off.  Well, I’m happy to say that those days are no more!

Now we have a spiffy new faucet that has the sprayer in the actual faucet head and a soap dispenser that is built into the countertop.  I’m so glad Jeff talked me into forking over the extra bucks to get a magnetic head for the sprayer because it makes it so easy to pull in and put back in place.  We found our faucet at Menards.

I am also loving our new undermount sink.  It is so nice to be able to wipe crumbs right into the sink without having to brush them across a metal lip– such a nice feature!  We also got an extra deep sink which I love because now our dishes that are drying aren’t as easily seen and being the neat freak I am, I enjoy not having to see that disarray…even if they are clean!  We also found the sink at Menards.

I will say that because we did get an extra deep undermount sink, Jeff had to do some extra plumbing work we didn’t plan for.  Luckily, he’s a smart guy and figured it all out but what was intended to be an hour project turned into a day long project resulting in several trips to Home Depot to get the right parts.  Basically, everything had to be lowered and reconfigured.  Oh yeah, and he also had to install our new garbage disposal; we thought it was an appropriate time to replace it since everything was going to be torn apart anyway 🙂

old kitchen sink

Our kitchen sink and faucet BEFORE


Owen was missing Daddy because of the day long plumbing project

little kid helping with plumbing

Owen thought bouncing on Daddy's tummy would be a way to help him

undermount sinkundermount sinkkitchen renovation new sink and faucet

In case you missed it, here are the changes we’ve made so far on our kitchen renovation:

What we have left to do:

  • Make and install curtains
  • Build casing around windows
  • new table (build or buy)
  • install wood flooring
  • install corner shelves

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