Kitchen Renovation: New Quartz Countertops


Exciting changes have been happening in our kitchen as we make way on our kitchen renovation.  So far I’ve shown you the new pendant light we installed,  the new oven we bought, and the transformation of our cabinets from a honey colored stain to a clean white surface.

The kitchen renovation was put on hold for awhile until we got our new countertops put in.  We chose a tan colored quartz with brown, black and white flecks.  LOVE it!  We got the quartz from Woodstone: Floor to Ceiling and had them install it too.

painting kitchen cabinets white


kitchen renovation woodstone floor to ceiling quartz countertops


That’s all the pictures I’m going to show you for now.  I’ve got a lot of blogging to catch up on and I’ll have to show you the kitchen renovation in bits and pieces.  The backsplash looks awful because we had to take down the old tile before the countertops were installed.  I’ll try to get a post up soon on the new tile we put up!

If you would like to change one thing in your kitchen, what would it be?

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