Kitchen Renovation: New Paint


Repainting our kitchen was definitely not on our to do list, but after we got the new quartz countertops installed and the tile backsplash up, the red/orange walls no longer went with everything else.  They had to go!

What a sad day it was getting rid of the red walls I oh so LOVED and got lots of compliments on.  Oh, and did I mention that my mom and I spent countless hours painting it red– a total of 5 coats!  It was sad to see it go, but tan looks so much better!  We painted the kitchen the same tan that is in our living room.

We were so spontaneous with painting our kitchen that I forgot to take before pictures of the red kitchen.  I was able to find a few random photos that will have to do.

painting kitchen walls

how to paint cabinets

Here is the kitchen after the new paint:

remodel kitchen with paint

New paint color matches perfectly with tile backsplash

kitchen remodel paintkitchen remodel paint

In case you missed it, here are the changes we’ve made so far on our kitchen renovation:

What we have left to do:

  • Make and install curtains
  • Build casing around windows
  • new table (build or buy)
  • install wood flooring
  • install corner shelves

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