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So this is going to be a short post but I thought I’d share with you the idea to rethink an outfit before you toss it aside.  For example, I bought this dress a couple of years ago because I wanted a long summer dress.  Unfortunately, it shrunk after I wore it and ever since has made me feel like I’m wearing high waters.

I know for some of you it is probably fine, but I like my long dresses to pretty much touch the floor so I rarely wore it after that.  Bummer!  Just as I was about to put it in the garage sale pile, I realized what a waste of money that would be and that the dress was still usable if I just cut it off to the length I wanted.

So, I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped it off to knee length…of course I measured first and marked a line with chalk before I did so!  I planned on hemming the bottom, but because it is a knit dress and has a casual feel, I decided just to let it be.

I LOVE the restyle and I feel like I just got a new dress but I didn’t have to go to a store or spend any money!

how to fix a dress that is too short


restyle a dress

BEFORE- just short enough to bother me!

brady lou project guru

How much I cut off!

how to restyle a tube top dress

I apologize for the horrible face I'm making--the sun was bright!

cut off a tube top dress

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