Vintage Gift Wrapping


I had so much fun experimenting with different materials to wrap packages for my friend Izzy’s bridal showers.  Here are a few gift wrappings I came up with; I hope they inspire you to get creative with your gift wrapping.

how to wrap presents vintage style

Newspaper & Burlap Package

1.  Wrap gift in newspaper 2.  Wrap a thick strip of burlap around the package and hot glue ends together on the backside of the package.

vintage gift wrapping

3.  Make four loops with raffia and hot glue on top of the burlap strip.

vintage gift wrapping

4.  Make a flower out of one coffee filter by following my blog post on Coffee Filter Flowers.

The flower on this package is just ONE filter instead of several.

vintage gift wrapping

5. Make newspaper flowers by cutting out a spiral and wrapping it tightly and gluing it together.  Glue flowers to package. 6.  Cut out leaves from newspaper and glue underneath flowers.

vintage gift wrapping

Coffee Filter & Lace Package

coffee filter flower

1.  Wrap package in brown shipping paper.

2.  Wrap a wide piece of lace around package and hot glue together on the back of the package.

lace used in wrapping

Wrap lace around middle of package

3. Wrap a piece of twine around the package twice in a crisscross pattern and tie in the middle.

how to wrap a gift vintage style

Tie twine around package and lace

4. Make a large coffee filter flower following the directions on my Coffee Filter Flower Tutorial.  Hot glue the flower in the middle of the package.

coffee filter flower

Satin & Newspaper Package

1.  Wrap package in satin fabric.

Use pinking shears to cut the edges of the fabric to give a finished look.

vintage gift wrapping ideas

I started by wrapping my gift in luxorious red fabric

2.  Use lace ribbon to tie off the top of the package.

vintage gift wrapping ideas

Then I tied a lace ribbon around the top portion

3.  Cut out a tag out of card stock, punch a hole in the top of it, and use string to tie it around the top of the gift.

Make the tag appear old by rubbing the edges with brown stamping ink.

vintage gift wrapping ideas

Next I added the newspaper accordion flower and an antiqued tag

4.  Make an accordion flower out of newspaper by following my Newspaper Accordion Flower Tutorial.

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vintage gift wrapping ideas

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