Vintage Bridal Shower


I had so much fun this past month throwing my good friend Izzy a vintage bridal shower with Caroline and Lydia.  For the most part, we followed my earlier post on how to throw a bridal shower.  I’m not going to waste time rewriting it all, but will just post pictures of this vintage version of a bridal shower.  I apologize because I forgot to take a picture of a lot of the stuff I wanted to show you, but hopefully it will give you some ideas.

If you are going to be throwing a bridal shower, I suggest checking out the post on how to throw a bridal shower and get some ideas from that bridal shower too!

vintage bridal shower

A basket was a perfect container to hold breakfast muffins

vintage bridal shower

A rusted metal bucket held the forks

vintage bridal shower

Chalkboard wine bottle twig arrangements created height on the food table

vintage bridal shower

A crystal bowl held pearl sprinkled cake balls-- too bad I forgot to remove the sticker!

vintage bridal shower

vintage bridal shower

Chocolate filled prizes for the game winners-- found these at the dollar store!

vintage bridal shower

vintage bridal shower

Doilies draped in baskets added little vintage touches

decoration ideas for a vintage wedding shower

Gifts for the bride I wrapped vintage style

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Vintage Bridal Shower

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vintage style tea towels bridal shower gift

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