Tuesday Tip: Say Yes to your Kids


If you’re a parent, you are most likely familiar with the word “no.”  It seems as if kids ask a billion questions a day and that 80% of the time the answer is “no.”  Your answer doesn’t have to be a “no” though, it can actually be “yes.”

Now I don’t mean to just let your kids do whatever they want or think whatever they want.  Believe it or not, you can actually say no by saying yes!  It is all just a matter of how you word your answer.  Let me give you an example…

A Normal No Response:

Rylan: “Mom, can I have a sucker?”

Mom: “No, it is too early in the morning.”

A Yes Response:

Rylan: “Mom, can I have a sucker?”

Mom:  “Yes you may, after you finish your lunch.”

Isn’t that so cool?  I picked this up at a Hearts at Home Conference a couple of years ago and have worked really hard on implementing it in my home.  I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to break the habit of saying “no” and still haven’t mastered it yet, but I have definitely come a looong way!

So what’s the benefit of changing your “no” habit?  Well, if you can change most of your “no” responses to “yes” responses, then your actual “no” responses become more effective for when you really mean “no” and not just “later.”

say yes instead of no

What other cool parenting tips do you have?  How do you put a positive spin on things?

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