Tuesday Tip: Free Cookies for Kids at Wal-Mart


So I recently just discovered from some friends one of the best kept secrets…Wal-Mart gives free cookies to kids!  I was shocked by this news because we frequent Wal-Mart a lot, yet I had never seen or heard of this deal!

Of course, my next trip to Wal-Mart I had to test it out myself and why wouldn’t I?  Who doesn’t want a free cookie?

All you do is go to the bakery and have your child ask if he/she can have a cookie and viola, he/she will get a cookie!  It worked for us!  Our Wal-Mart actually just had a little container the cookies were in and you got them yourself, but I would still ask before you just grabbed one out.

What a great way to give your child incentive for being good in the cart while you’re shopping.   If only I would have known of this deal earlier!

cookies at walmart

Owen devouring his free cookie!

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