Thursday Leftovers: Organize Before You Shop


organize your clothes before shopping

Have a shopping trip planned sometime soon? Before you spend all your money on new clothes, I suggest you set a timer for 15 minutes and spend that 15 minutes organizing your closet and drawers.  Try to get through them all so you can get a good sense of what clothes you already have.  This way, when you go shopping you’ll know what you actually need and will be less likely to buy an irresistible red tank top if you just looked at the other three you have tucked away in a drawer.  It’s a good way to prevent yourself from blowing lots of money on cute but unnecessary clothes.

I thought of this tip while writing the week-long series on de-cluttering closets.  It made me question how I got so many clothes and why I have three pink tank tops.  After cleaning out my closets and drawers, the thought of going shopping made me sick because I had too many clothes as it was already!  I realized then that the next time I go shopping, I need to organize my clothes BEFORE I go to help battle my strong urges to buy when I see a good deal!

Even if the tip doesn’t work for you and you still come home with bags full of new clothes, at least your closets and drawers will be neat and tidy!

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