Handmade Bouquet Bridal Shower Game


I came up with this game to play at Izzy’s bridal shower last month.  I wanted to do a game that was new, allowed for people to interact with each other, and that was a lot of fun.  I think this game hit the spot!  Guests of all ages got involved and dare I say showed some competitiveness!

Izzy was so impressed with the bouquets, she thought it would be fun to save them for the bridesmaids to carry down the aisle for rehearsal.  What a great idea!  If you plan on doing that, make sure you have the same number of groups as bridesmaids so you aren’t short a bouquet come rehearsal time!

bridal shower game ideas

  • Baskets (1 basket for each group)
  • floral wire
  • tape
  • scissors
  • sewing patterns
  • newspaper
  • lace
  • fabric
  • coffee filters
  • paper plate
  • fork
Game Plan:

1.  Gather above supplies and fill each basket with them or similar items.

handmade bouquet bridal shower game

2.  At the shower, divide the guests into equal groups.

3.  Explain that they must create a bouquet for the bride using only the items in the basket.

4.  Allow groups 5 minutes to create their bouquets.

Make sure to give a one-minute warning and take lots of pictures!

handmade bouquet bridal shower game vintage wedding

bridal shower game ideas

Mother of the Bride looking to see where to make improvements

bridal shower game ideas

bridal shower game ideas

5.  Have each group pick a representative or “bridesmaid” to line up at the back of the room with her group’s bouquet.

bridal shower game ideas

6.  Have the bride-to-be stand at the front of the room and have the group representatives walk down the “aisle” as a bridesmaid would.  The bride-to-be judges the bouquets as they walk down the aisle and must pick one as the winner.

bridal shower game ideas

The winning group!

7.  Give members of the winning group a small prize.

vintage bridal shower

Filled with Hershey's chocolate!

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