DIY Superhero Cape


Have some slick material like satin laying around?  Most of you probably don’t have a bolt of satin laying around, but you may be surprised to find you have the perfect material for making a superhero cape– you just have to think outside the box.

I took some previous bridesmaid dresses and transformed them into superhero capes for my boys and their friends when they come over to play.  Emden even has a pink one now!

  • slick material such as satin
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • velcro or snap closures
Game Plan:

1.  I had an existing superhero cape already so I just traced around it.

how to make a super hero capehow to make a super hero cape

2.  Cut out two layers of the cape.

diy super hero cape

3.  Put the same sides together and stitch around the outside, leaving a couple inch gap to pull the fabric through to get it right side out.

4.  After your cape is right side out, hand sew the gap closed.

5.  Sew velcro onto the cape around the neck area.

diy super hero cape

6.  Add a name or letters to the cape if desired.

I haven’t gotten to this step yet because I’ve been pretty busy, but I do plan on making each of my kiddos one with their name on it eventually.  I also would like to make one with a Superman and Batman logo.  One thing at a time I guess…

diy super hero cape

diy super hero cape

What other ideas do you have for repurposing old bridesmaid dresses?

1 comment to DIY Superhero Cape

  • Becky

    Jeff and his two brothers and Tyler and Spencer played for hours with the Super Hero Capes Linda and I made for all the boys. Don’t think Jenni ever had one – great idea! Emden won’t feel left out. : )

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