DIY Rain Jacket Pouch


My husband bought a new rain jacket after our trip to Colorado this past fall.  I think it was the whole getting stuck in a downpour on a two hour hike that made him realize he wanted a rain coat.  Several months after getting his rain coat, he talked about wanting a little pouch to put it in so he could stick it in his car and have it when he needed it.

While making superhero capes, I ran across some rain jacket material and had a lightbulb moment– I could make a pouch for Jeff’s rain jacket pretty easily…so I got to work!

how to make a bag for your rain coat

  • sewing machine
  • fabric
  • snap closure
Game Plan:

1.  Cut out two long strips of fabric a little bit wider than you want your pouch.

I totally guessed on the size of my fabric and pouch.  I really had no idea how big it needed to be to fit the coat in but it ended up being the perfect size so good luck guessing!

make a bag for rain coat

2.  Put the right sides together and sew along all four sides, leaving a two-inch gap for you to pull the fabric right side out.

make a bag for rain coat

3.  Pull the fabric right side out and then hand stitch the gap closed.

4. Press the fabric.

5.  Figure out how big of a flap you want, and then stitch the sides together to create a pouch.

diy rain coat pouch

make a bag for rain coat

6.  Hand sew snap closures onto the flap and bag.

diy rain coat pouch

It was so much fun surprising Jeff with his rain jacket pouch when he got home from work.  I love being able to meet his needs without spending any money!

how to make a bag for your rain coat

make a bag for your rain coat

1 comment to DIY Rain Jacket Pouch

  • Linda Long

    Hi, just love this project. We just returned from Europe. It rained everyday, could have used this jacket. Do you know the style # of this Patagonia jacket.

    Thanks for your help.

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