Chalkboard Wine Bottle Twig Arrangement


Did you love the twig arrangements at Izzy’s bridal shower?  If so, they’re pretty simple to make and definitely inexpensive.  I just love them and the flowers remind me of hydrangeas even though they’re made from old sewing patterns!  Add some height to your event with these DIY chalkboard wine bottle twig arrangements.

  • wine bottle
  • chalkboard paint
  • primer
  • chalk
  • twigs
  • ribbon or strip of fabric
  • sewing pattern flowers
Game Plan:

1.  Clean wine bottle and remove labeling.

wine bottle vase

2.  Prime wine bottle.  Let dry.

This step is to give the chalkboard paint something to adhere to.

3.  Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to the wine bottle.  Let dry in-between each coat.

wine bottle vase

4.  Wrap ribbon or a strip of fabric around the neck of the bottle.

chalkboard wine bottle twig arrangement

5.  Place bare twigs into vase.

The branches I used are ones we trimmed off our river birch.  I just pulled all of the leaves off, in addition to the lower branches so I could stick them in the wine bottle.

6.  Stick three sewing pattern flowers into the wine bottle.

Check out my post on how to make flowers out of old sewing patterns.

chalkboard wine bottle twig arrangement

7.  Write a love message on your wine bottle with chalk.

I chose to go with “I do” and “love.”

chalkboard wine bottle twig arrangement

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