Bookshelf Makeover


This bookshelf has been with me for a long time!  I got it when I was elementary age to hold all my dolls.  It originally had sliding glass doors that enclosed the bottom two shelves but those shattered when I moved into our apartment after I married Jeff.

Rather than toss it, I just decided to use it as a bookshelf and have been for the last eight years.  The bookshelf is made out of particle board and looks rather cheap because it is shiny and you can tell it is not real wood very easily.

I was using it to hold decorating books and nicknacks but decided that was a very good use of it since it was in the hallway outside the kids’ bedrooms.  I wanted to use it to hold the kids’ reading books and for extra toy storage but decided I should make it over before I did all that.  I love how it turned out and now you can’t tell it isn’t real wood just by looking at it!

paint stripes on furniture for pop of color

  • paint
  • painter’s tape
  • paint roller
  • ruler
Game Plan:

1.  Cover entire bookshelf with paint primer.

DIY Bookshelf Makeover

Bookshelf BEFORE

2.  Paint two coats of white paint on bookshelf.

3.  Using a ruler, measure out stripes for the top of your bookshelf.

4.  Press tape down firmly to top of bookshelf.

diy bookshelf makeover

5.  Paint a color of your choice on top of the bookshelf and immediately pull the tape off.

I had to do two coats of paint so I had to wait to pull my tape off.  The sooner you can pull it off, the better.  The longer your paint dries, the messier your lines will be.  Mine looked pretty good, especially with having to let the first coat dry some before I painted a second coat.

diy bookshelf makeover

diy bookshelf makeover

diy bookshelf makeover

paint stripes on furniture for pop of color

I am making some toy boxes to fill the empty space on the shelf but am not quite finished with them yet.  The blue canvas boxes are from the Dollar Store believe it or not and the wooden box I got at Hobby Lobby and then stained it.  Stay tuned to see my finished toy boxes.

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