Vintage Bridal Shower Garland


I was very fortunate to throw a bridal shower for one of my good friends this past weekend.  I had so much fun getting stuff ready for it and can’t wait to show you all of it.

My friend Izzy is going to have a vintage style wedding which made decorating for the shower so much fun.  Today I’m sharing with you the vintage bridal shower garland I made using supplies I already had on hand so it cost me $0!

The garland was a great way to dress up a blank wall (unfortunately the wall had a no so attractive white board right where we needed to hang the garland).  Oh well!

inexpensive wedding decorations

  • cardstock
  • markers
  • sewing machine
  • brown ink pad
  • paper cutter/scissors
  • ribbon/strip of fabric
Game Plan:

1. Cut card stock into identical rectangles.

I used a cream color of card stock instead of white to give it more of a vintage feel.

2. Make the edges of the letter cards look distressed by rubbing a brown ink pad along them.

how to make a garland out of card stock

3.  Sew a border onto each card using a sewing machine.

I chose a zigzag pattern in a deep red because that was one of her wedding colors.

vintage bridal shower garland

4.  Using a marker, write a letter on each piece of card stock to spell out your message.

vintage bridal shower garland

5.  Using a hole puncher, punch two holes at the top of each letter card.

vintage bridal shower garland

6.  String a ribbon or strip of fabric through all of the cards, making sure to spell your message correctly.

I chose to use fabric because I wanted it to fray and have a “worn” look.

inexpensive vintage wedding decorations

Follow a very similar game plan to make my Christmas Card Stock Garland.

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vintage wedding decorations

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